During her residency, Kioto presented solo photography shows at 日曜喫茶館 (Nichiyou kissakan) and ギャラリー光影 (Gallery Kouei). Nichiyou Kissa was a cafe specializing in Japanese tea, and Gallery Kouei is a community coworking space. Both businesses were just recently opened (though Nichiyou Kissa has since closed), reusing or renovating vacated storefronts along Hirokoji avenue. Kouei -whose name serendipitously uses the characters for light(光) and shadow(影)- was an old kimono store with a living space on the second floor. Working with local photographer Souda Seijiro, Kioto also created a community created a community darkroom in the kitchen area. She hosted a darkroom demonstration and additional pinhole workshops were held by Mr. Souda through the end of 2018. 

The residency culminated in a public reception, featuring Kioto’s solo shows; a darkroom tour where visitors could see the images created and developed on-site; and a live performance by Kioto, her sister Miyumi Aoki and father Tatsu Aoki (both performing artists) and Natsuki Kubo who flew in for a collaborative musical finale.